Construction Specialist

"Build Your Future Today"

These words that form our Company Motto are not just feel good, fuzzy words, they express our Company’s commitment to building excellence.

Excellence in our relationships with our customer and subcontractors and in how we deliver our projects. This excellence has been recognised by high profile private and public sector customers that include,

We treat each contract as a valued partnership with our customer to maximise their desired outcome. Because of this commitment we have many repeat customers with whom we have formed a relationship built on trust.

We have successfully delivered various forms of projects to many differing sectors including,

Our expertise lies in the following forms of project delivery,
Our success relies on our team of experienced and dedicated people who have a can do, inventive and resourceful approach to achieving our customers goals. Our goal is to add your company to our list of satisfied and repeat customers.
What We Have to Offer?

Construction Specialists’ have more than 40 years industry experience. Due to this experience, knowledge, and dedicated staff, we have proudly become one of the most respected and trust-worthy companies in commercial and industrial construction. We have been widely regarded as an industry leader that has set us apart, from the competition.

Examples of our work include a large and wide variety of different projects. We service right across Melbourne and major regional centres, with our team of experienced and licensed commercial builders in Melbourne. We specialise in construction, but we are also popularly acknowledged for our versatility, as we can work with clients, on various types of construction including project management and property maintenance contracts.

* Fixed Price Building Contract Victoria – We also call this; the fixed lump sum contract or fixed price contract, between us the contractor and our customer. Here, we both agree that the project shall be completed at a set price, which is quoted, based on specifications and plans.

* Building Project Management – This is a professional service that Construction Specialists offer to effectively manage the entire project’s costs, schedules, scope, safety and function. As construction managers, we oversee the entire project, for the interest of the owner. We know that we need to deliver the complete project on time, so we co-ordinate with all the parties concerned; to achieve this goal.

* Cost-Plus Contract – This type of contract will have both parties agreeing to reimburse the project owner, for expenses incurred, plus a percentage of the full price of the contract.

In addition to our expertise in industrial building, the capabilities of Construction Specialists also cover a wider area, such as offering property development experience. We can manage independently all significant land holdings and we can also provide intelligent advice, in every aspect of your land transactions.

Our Work Process
We Plan

We have a very simple work process. First and foremost, we do advanced planning for all these activities, i.e. site selection, site layouts and budget calculation that allows you to get the most efficient building design; at a cost that is most economical for you. This way, you can avoid the unnecessary changes in your design, as well as unjustifiable blow outs during the construction process.

We Construct
With us, the date of completion of your project and the budget for it, are guaranteed; as we maintain continuous project supervision, until it is completed. Also, we ensure that constant communication occurs with our customer or project owners, to assure them we adhere to the agreed design and completion schedule.
Why Choose the Construction Specialists for Your Next Project?
  • We have the knowledge, skills, and relationships in the building industry, to approach every challenge head on with an open mind and our customers interests at heart. We are well renown for our work and because of this it allows us to provide innovative building solutions.
  • We have a team of skilled and professional personnel and they are hands on with every project awarded to us, contributing to the overall success of every project.
  • We can save you significant time and effort, in taking care of the details in the building construction, of every size building project.
  • Our combined education and experience allow us to become uniquely qualified to work with the project owner and other stakeholders. The purpose is to determine the best sequence of operation, to develop a schedule of building construction, to help the owner; to manage risks and establish security plans. We try to do all of these, while keeping the project budget top of mind.
  • We have passion and commitment to each project. While we do build construction, project management and property maintenance, we also listen and accept any feedback from our customers to deliver a successful outcome. Our role is to educate each customer on what we do, by involving them in the  process and ideas. Therefore, we deliver the best advice and guidance on the solutions for their project.
  • We can assure you that your budget for the project is allocated accurately and accordingly. Your building will be designed, to suit your site and we ensure that we are aware and understand your specific priorities. We have the necessary access to construction methods and materials and supplies, at costs that ensure we are as competitive.
  • All our construction projects are built, using the highest quality materials, coupled with premium craftsmanship, giving you maximum value.

Choosing a proven and experienced building construction specialist in bringing your building plans to life, is an important decision that we take with the utmost seriousness. 

Our Latest Works

About Construction Specialists

Our Company was formed in 2006 and carried out projects throughout Queensland in the retirement sector. In 2007 we  transferred our operations to Melbourne and have been working there ever since delivery high quality construction projects for our customers.

Building Your Future Today

We pride ourselves on excellence in our relationships with our customers and subcontractors and how we deliver our projects.

This excellence has been recognised by high profile private and public sector customers that include,
• Porsche Cars
• State Federal and local governments
• Moonee valley Racing club
• Victoria Racing Club
• Allard & Shelton
• K H Edelstein Architect
• Oaktree Developments

We treat each contract as a valued partnership with our customer to maximise their desired outcome. Because of this commitment, we have many repeat customers with whom we have formed a strong relationship built on trust.

Building Construction – Project Management – Property Maintenance

As a building company, Construction Specialist take responsibility for leading your entire project through from the start, which includes planning, completing, control, right through to completion.
We have a great flexible team who can work with a wide range of environments, situations and a broad range of industries and people.
Part of job is to ensure we deliver your project, on time, on budget, whilst liaising closely with our customers through every step of the project.
You can be rest assured your project is supervised closely, make it as simple and easy as possible for you, to deliver on your expectations.

Our services in this area will include;

  • Detailed project plan, timeline and phases including all tasks
  • Resource allocation
  • Provide expectations with external and internal stakeholders
  • Provide revenue and resource requirements
  • Report and escalate issues as and when necessary
  • Evaluate project performance.

Construction Specialists is a commercial builder in Melbourne that provides owners/investors/ developers/board/corporations and businesses with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.

We understand that we need to represent the owner’s interest and provide oversight over the entire project directly to the owner/customer. Our promise is to work to your mandate and all parties involved, to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the owner’s expected standard of quality, scope, and function.

Once your project is in full swing we will also provide a full property maintenance schedule including, tracking and enabling the project activities in accordance with the project plan.

As project managers we won’t take a step back once work is started, and experience tells us that project monitoring is every bit as important as project planning in a successful outcome for all parties.

Our Services

Project Management

Construction Specialists can offer complete turnkey solutions for commercial property management with qualified trades and licenced contractors.

Building Construction

Construction Specialists have been able to provide a very comfortable working arrangement with all our customers. This builds trust and honesty which is created by using a Building construction management contract that all agree to prior to commencement of the project.


Property Maintenance

Once your project is complete you want to ensure your project is running smoothly by ensuring you have maintenance in place. Construction Specialists also offer this service to all customers as part of our ongoing commitment to after sales service.