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Building Construction

Welcome to the site of one of the most reliable and trusted building construction and project management companies in Melbourne, the Construction Specialists. When planning, constructing or completing your next building project, we can deliver superior building construction services.

The Construction Specialists has been in the building construction industry, for more than four decades, and we have been widely and popularly known as among one of the most reputable industrial and commercial builders in Melbourne.

Site Preparation

Based on the site plan and building plan, we carry out the necessary excavations, levelling and filling can take place to prepare the site. This will involve the necessary utilities such as power, water, sewage,  gas, communications, etc. Inspections are performed at different stages on structural, building codes, the utilities, heating and cooling and electrical works etc. After the completion of the whole project, a final inspection is performed.

Examples of our work include a large and wide variety of different projects as seen under the projects area. We service right across Melbourne and major regional centres, with our team of experienced and licensed commercial builders in Melbourne. We specialise in building construction, project management and property maintenance.

Building structures are generally constructed on concrete foundations. Based on the soil type and water table level of the area, the foundation chosen can vary. If necessary, soil testing is performed to check the bearing capacity. Shallow foundations are required for low-rise building. For high-rise building, pile foundation is employed.


The structure is constructed once the substructure is complete. Generally, a framed structured is developed which is later finished with masonry walls.  Windows and exterior doors are placed based on the building plan. Other works include:

-Construction of roofs or siding

-Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning

-Providing adequate electric and water lines connections.

-Provide insulation works as required to protect from lighting

-Provision of waterproofing to the walls.

-Plastering and finishing the walls and surfaces

-Flooring works

-Exterior and Interior Painting

Once the project is completed, we inspect the whole work, one by one, and create a final list of items to handover the project. In liaison with the customer each item is ticked off as completed. 

Our Work Process
We Plan

We have a very simple work process. First and foremost, we do advanced planning for all these activities, i.e. site selection, site layouts and budget calculation that allows you to get the most efficient building design; at a cost that is most economical for you. This way, you can avoid the unnecessary changes in your design, as well as unjustifiable blow outs during the construction process.

We Construct

With us, the date of completion of your project and the budget for it, are guaranteed; as we maintain continuous project supervision, until it is completed. Also, we do not fail to communicate with our clients, the project owners; to assure them that we stick to the agreed design and completion schedule.

8 Reason to choose the Construction Specialists for your next Project?

1. We have the knowledge, skills and connections within the building construction industry. Construction Specialists approach every challenge with an open mind and we face any challenges head on. Our team of are experts  have the experience to allow us to provide innovative building solutions.

2. Our team of skilled and professional personnel are hands on with every project awarded to us, contributing their skill and expertise to ensure your development is a successful one.

3. We can save you significant time and effort, in taking care of the details in the planning and construction, of even small building projects.

4. Our combined education and knowledge allows us to become uniquely qualified to work closely with the project owner and other stakeholders. The purpose of this is to determine the best sequence of operation,  develop a schedule of building construction, to help the owner; to manage risks and establish security plans. We combine all these activities, while ensuring we are focused on the project budget.

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5. We have passion for every project we  embark on. While we plan and build, we listen; to understand customer’s requirements and desires. We see our role as educating each and every customer, by introducing to them to new ideas and concepts that they may not have heard or tried before. We give intelligent advice and guidance about the best solutions for their project.

6. In all our planning, we take all aspects into consideration, with regards to your site like, what you plan to do with the overall allotment, and also the different local council restrictions that might apply, such as covenants, easements, planning, building permits, fire and safety requirements.

7. We can assure you that your budget for the project is allocated properly and accordingly. Your building will be built, to suit your site and make sure that we are aware and understand your specific priorities. We also have the necessary access to construction methods, materials and supplies, at costs that our rivals in the industry are not able to achieve.

8. All our construction projects are built, using the highest quality materials, coupled with premium craftsmanship, giving you maximum value for money.

Choosing a proven and experienced building construction specialist in bringing your building plans to life , truly is an important and critical decision. We know we can help.