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What is Property Maintenance?

When hiring a Project Manager, for your upcoming building Melbourne project, you should consider including Property Maintenance as part of the overall building construction project. Property Maintenance ensures you have a plan in place to carry out ongoing maintenance and upkeep on the building. This maintains the building in good working condition and puts in place preventative maintenance steps to avoid any future major problems that may arise.

A lot of time is spent on the planning stage of a project, after which some Project Managers take time off from the project, once the other team members have started working. At Construction Specialist, we are aware that as Project Managers,  that the project tracking and monitoring is just as crucial, as the planning phase of the project.

This is the reason why we commit to Property Maintenance steadily, especially on enterprise projects, as they need a longer building time, than those smaller projects that take a shorter duration to complete. It means that the longer the time it takes for a project, the more chance that even the smallest alteration in the building plans, can result in serious issues as the project progresses.


The list below shows how we carry out Property Maintenance:

    1. Collaboration with the team. We as Project Manager understand that collaboration between team members is very important. However, it shouldn’t be applicable to team members only, but also between project management and property maintenance teams also and we do it in every phase of the project.

We are proactive with our Property Maintenance, by getting every team member involved in the planning part of the project, up to task estimation and scheduling. This allows us to develop a more practical plan, as well as make the team more likely to report problems that could have, otherwise been unnoticed.


Once we are at the execution phase of the project, we maintain regular contact between the teams, without having to distract them from their work. For instance, a quick message is less disruptive than a face-to-face meeting or chat.


    1. Flexibility – It seldom happens that a project moves from the initial stage to its ending, without having to go through any changes during the process. If we need to deviate from the original timeline or include new tasks to the plan, we pivot with our Property Maintenance team. For us Project Managers, maintenance is not just about keeping all activities in line with the plan. It is also about us finding a method, to alter the course, while the project is ongoing.

When things happen unexpectedly, such as tasks running past their target dates or budget allocations exceed, this is where we act. As Project Managers, we assess how it affects the project and make revisions to the plan that will make us able to get the result that we want in the end.


  1. Quality of work. When delivering a million-dollar project, we make sure that it will not result in a re-work, higher cost, delays, problems, frustration, and loss of customer satisfaction. We maintain consistent project quality and we practice courage, commitment and focus.

For more information about how we perform Property Maintenance on our wide range of projects, contact us today and speak to one of our experts.

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What is Property Maintenance?

What is Property Maintenance? When hiring a Project Manager, for your upcoming building Melbourne project, you should consider including Property Maintenance as part of the

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